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  • Professional OZONE facial and top hair Steamer / home use or salon face & hair spa Steamer
Professional OZONE facial and top hair Steamer / home use or salon face & hair spa Steamer

Professional OZONE facial and top hair Steamer / home use or salon face & hair spa Steamer

  • Model ID: MJ-BSD-005A

Professional OZONE facial and top hair Steamer / home use or salon face & hair spa Steamer

Professional OZONE facial and top hair Steamer
Product Description

What can this device do? 
 Available voltage:110v or 220v
table steamer with ozone funciton
1.Easy On/off buttons
2. Idea for make-up and quick applicatioins
and home use
3. light-witight and portable
4. protective burn-guard
5. auto-off tipping safety switch
6. aroma therapy slot
7. 2 funtion : hair steamer and facial steamer
It is simple and convenient for use, luxury and delicacy with both functions of hair steamer and ion facial steamer.           
It is appropriate for all the member of the family.          
 It has the function of ozone which can accelerate the speed of hair dye and oil treatment while ozone can kill the fungus in the scalp so as to prevent the generation of dandruff. Meanwhile you can put essence oil in the nozzle of the steamer to gain the efficacy of relaxing and tendering skin.         

Ion steamer: It is a kind of apparatus indispensable for skin care and applicable for all kinds of skin. It can open pores to help eliminate the filth of skin surface and impurities inside the pores thoroughly, soften dead cells in stratum corneum, carry out disinfection and sterilization on skin surface, raise the skin temperature and promote blood circulation. The specific efficacies are as below:
Eliminating filth by steam: The permeation of the steam will make the epidermic cells soften and expand, facilitate the removal of the aged keratinized cells and achieve a bright, smooth and delicate skin.
Sterilization and antiphlogosis by O3: The ozonic ion spray contained in this apparatus has the effect of sterilization and it can prevent skin from suffering disease and inflammation and make the skin healthier. Anion can improve regeneration of skin collagen and activate hydrophilic factor so as to moisten skin and make the skin tender, smooth, white and transparent.
Oil-nourishing steamer: It will produce steam and appropriate amount of ozone and anion at the same time and the specific functions are as below:
Sterilization and anti-scurf: The hot steam and ozone given off from the steamer will accelerate the penetration of the hairdressing gel to make the nutrient ingredients go into the chaff scale of the hair sufficiently and nourish hair in deeper layer. Ozone can effectively remove scurf, sterilize, relieve itching, eliminate the filth in the pores of the hair and reduce baldness so as to achieve black and bright hair. The scalp will be free of itching after use of one time and the scurf will be decreased obviously after use for three times.
Accelerating absorption of nutrient: Steam can go deep into hair root and the steam mist spray has the effect of moisturizing and styling for the hair. The steam will permeate into the pore of the hair to soften the oil dirt, residue and filth accumulated in the pores so as to achieve the effect of deeply removing these wastes, enhancing skin micro-circulation, accelerating metabolism of the cells, improving hair quality and quickening nutrient absorption. Only by the means of oil-nourishing steam can it play a role in hair care and nourishing genuinely. 
Facial steamer to present a pretty face , Hair steamer to present the beautiful hair; Thus to deduce the most sexiest side of you!
It is the most valuable device which is a hair steamer with cap and a facial steamer with steam tube.
It is a miracle, the perfect combination of hair steamer and facial steamer to cherish every inch of your hair & skin. 
Working principles
The working principle of ion sprayer or oil-nourishing steamer is the same as that of electric kettle. The electric heating element placed in the beaker will produce heat energy when current passes through, the temperature of the water will increase gradually until boiling, generating steam and further spouting out mist from the nozzle of the steam pipe to form ordinary mist. The apparatus is equipped with ozone lamp, which is a kind of light source contained ultraviolet rays. It has the effect of destroying nucleic acid protein of microbe during operating to cause the degeneration or death of cells and owns strong bactericidal and antipyrotic efficacy.

For hair & facial care

Technical parameters and product specification
Product size: 16×12×25cm
Product weight: 3kgs
Materials: ABS
Packing way: 1pc/gift box,8pcs/carton
Power: 400w 

Professional OZONE facial and top hair Steamer / home use or salon face & hair spa Steamer


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