Why Pedicure Chair is an Indispensable Part of Salon Furniture?

The salon is a place to soothe the mind, body, and soul and it is one of the best rising business options. You can create a salon that offers to listen to the wishes of the client and is capable to offer creative flair hairstyles, beautiful makeup, fun treatment to nails with a smile and luxury. The salon can take you to a great height if you introduce some impeccable and unbeatable services with the right location and other attractive features. If you want to offer your customer with the feet fun and relaxation, introduced a pedicure service in your salon. Pedicure and manicure have the power to unlock the true potential of your salon and steal the client forever. Pedicure and manicure have the power to unlock the true potential of your salon and steal the client forever.


Pedicure Chair is an Indispensable Part of Salon Furniture.

Why Pedicure spa is a key service?

Intense massage, vibrating chair, beautiful interior are enough to take your client into a very different and relaxing world where everything seems tranquil. More awareness about the cracked feet, health benefits, desire for beautiful feet are some of the factors taking the pedicure service need upwards. Along with the women, men are not left behind when it comes to feet care and beauty. If you master the art of pedicure service, then you have the power to take the topmost to the poppermost salon of the country.

Like a battle can’t be fought without weapons, the excellent pedicure service can’t be achieved without the right equipment and comfortable salon furniture. Selecting and Purchasing a Pedicure Chairs is much more than just picking a stylish and beautiful chair. Since your salon will cater to different clients with diverse tastes and preferences, so before making a purchase, ask yourself the following questions


How comfortable it is?

In the service-oriented industry, you are not just selling service but you are actually selling a unique experience. In giving unique service, comfort is the main factor. Before purchase ask yourself, if your clients will be comfortable and relaxed while sitting on it. Helpful features of the chair include a seat and a back that can be adjusted and chair arms that are easy to move and adjust. Also, consider if it is suitable for different height and weight clients.

How much comfortable it is for nail techs?

The comfort of the artist is even more important than the comfort of the client as, after all, they are the real performer. Is the chair allowing the beautician to bend comfortably? Does your chosen chair lead to more uncomfortable bending? If dual service is your in mind, then make sure to choose a chair that is equally comfortable for both techs and clients. There are chairs available that offer a detachable tub without much hassle.

Does it have a distinct and matchless feature?

As you understand, the experience is what the customer is paying for. Look for a chair that offers features like a built-in massager and a comfortable seat. To more you can look for a chair that has built-in comfortable backrest with a remote controller to change settings.

Is it matching with the salon furniture or salon setup? Another very important thing to consider while shopping for the pedicure chair is its match with other salon furniture and the whole setup of the salon. An unfit or matchless Salon Chairs may spoil the whole look of the setup. Choose the style and colour of the chair wisely.

Pedicure Chairs Part of Salon Furniture

Does it have the quality tub drainage and filtration?

The next question you need to ask yourself about its tub drainage and filtration quality. Pedicure is a cleaning process where if the poor drainage leads to bacterial and mould growth resultant to bad impression in the mind of the client. Even the precious pedicure bacteria end up into infection and loss of client forever. Also, make an inquiry if the soaking tub is complementary to the chair or not as a pedicure chair with drainage tub is not standard practice for all.

Is it entertainment friendly?

Give the next level and unique experience by purchasing a chair equipped with the entertainment option. Many chairs offer built-in entertainment features like laptop tables, video, speaker, sound docks and internet ready features.

What are the warranty and replacement terms?

Before making your mind, get clear about its warranty and replacement terms. The assumption for the warranty is not good for the assumption to be left unattained. Also, learn about the process to avail the warranty as it varies from company to company. Generally, a standard brand warranty of one year.

Does it fit into your cost?

After considering all functional and other features, check if the selected chair falls in your budget. It is not advisable to spend a whole fortune on the salon furniture as cash flow is a major concern at the beginning of the business. Also, the cheapest option can be the most tempting one. The cheapest chair may come at the cost of large repair costs and short term life.

Is the brand a good option?

It is likely to happen that you would be confused between the local and overseas brand chairs available to you. We recommend you to buy from the local instead of worrying about the replacement, damage and other problems if the company is located overseas. Even with a local brand, you can take the benefit of after-sale services, easy access to the replacement parts and many other such benefits.

Crack the best deal

A pedicure chair is a vital part of salon furniture. Comfortable and functional furniture can add more clients to your salon diary. Each add-on feature get counts in the diary of a satisfied customer.


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