Make Your Client Look Years Younger

As beauty professionals, we are well aware about the transformative power of the right hair cut and color, and though we're not plastic surgeons, the right look on the right client can literally take years off their appearance. 

One of my favorite clients never tells me what she wants, she simply says, "Make me look youthful!" That's a smart woman right there. Being flexible and willing to change our look as we age is an important factor.

Most people aren't even aware of how much better they can look and feel with the right cut, and it's our jobs to steer them in the right direction. So what are the most common factors that can add or subtract years from our client's appearance? 

1.  Bang Up Job
Bangs are an incredibly easy way to take years off the face at any age. I have one client who calls her monthly bang trims her "botox session", as the fringe hides the lines on her forehead and really does make her look a lot younger.

Bangs are also a great way to draw the eye upward, drawing attention away from trouble spots like the neck and chin, and highlighting areas like the eyes and cheekbones.  
2.  Don't Hold On
One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is holding onto a hair style that they've been wearing for decades. You don't need to go to extremes with the latest trendy style, but slight changes throughout the years will keep your look feeling modern and fresh.  
3.  Color Theory
Obviously grey hair is going to make anyone look older, but having hair color that is too harsh or extreme isn't any better. As you age, the most important thing your hair color should compliment is your skin tone. The wrong hair color can make your skin look washed out and sallow, and eyes can almost disappear if you're sporting the wrong hue.  

Think dimension when working with your older clientele. Multiple colors, highlights just around the face, and natural looking tones will be your best bets. 
4.  Keep Those Ends Fresh
Another big mistake I see clients make at every age is not getting their hair trimmed often enough. Grown out layers can drag the face down, and frayed ends don't hold a style like freshly snipped strands. Plus, that fresh out of the salon feeling can give anyone a youthful strut their step.

Trim hair every 6-8 weeks to maintain optimal style and health. 
5.  Boosting Volume
As we age, unfortunately our face ins't the only thing that loses volume. Hair can become more brittle and thin, resulting in limper strands that don't have the same fullness and bounce as they used to. But behold the power of clip-in extensions. These easy to add hair pieces can instantly boost volume and thickness, and once your client gets the hang of putting them in, they're an incredibly easy way to secretly boost your locks.  

Your client can purchase clip-in extensions at most beauty supply stores, or you can add a little money to your pocket by making them yourself. Wefts of hair, clips and a sewing kit is all you need to make clip-in extensions in a snap. Make sure to purchase real and not synthetic hair so your client doesn't have to change their styling routine. 


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